The Women of Excellence is the foundation of the Women’s Ministry at Simon Temple A.M.E. Zion Church.

The ministry began in August of 2004 with a threefold purpose:

  1. Fostering unity,
  2. Promoting spiritual growth, and
  3. Building long-lasting, healthy relationships

The mission of the Women of Excellence (W.O.E.) is to reach women of all ages and from all walks of life with the goal of encouraging one another, while fostering a sense of sisterhood and accountability among the women of God.

This mission is accomplished by creating an atmosphere of oneness, acceptance and love, so that no woman leaves Simon Temple feeling alone or unloved.

Every woman who is a member of Simon Temple is a member of the W.O.E. and is encouraged to participate in all W.O.E. activities.  These activities, which include quarterly meetings and a yearly women’s retreat, are coordinated by The W.O.E. Planning Committee.

Additionally, all Simon Temple women are encouraged to participate in one or more of the ministry branches that have grown from the W.O.E. tree.  These branches provide opportunities to teach, learn, pray, fellowship, network, and love one another.

Upcoming W.O.E. Events

There are no upcoming events at this time

Additional W.O.E. Ministries

Daughters of Excellence

Coordinators: Sis. Delores McLauchlin & Sis. Vanessa Alford

The Daughters of Excellence is designed to expose girls ages 9-18 to spiritual, cultural, educational, and social opportunities that will create a solid foundation for growth into spirit-led, well-rounded women.

These opportunities are provided through monthly teaching sessions, annual leadership institutes, formal balls, college visitations, community service projects, and so much more!

Singles / Single Parents / Divorce

Coordinator: Sis. La’Tiki Gray

The Single Parents Fellowship consists of parents who are not married.  This ministry provides biblical guidance and support for the people who are rearing their children in a single parent home.

The fellowship provides bible studies which address issues unique to single parents and fosters an environment where single parents are encouraged to express their concerns and issues openly.

Additionally, local recreational activities are planned for the parents and their children.

Spouses of the Deployed

Coordinator: Sis. Faith Ladson

The Spouses of the Deployed Ministry provides support to members of Simon Temple whose spouses are serving our country on deployment.

This ministry provides support from others who understand the challenge of holding the family together while a spouse is deployed.

The main issues addressed by this ministry are:

  1. Child rearing in the absence of a deployed spouse,
  2. Financial integrity and management in the absence of their spouse, and
  3. Reintegration of the returning spouse into the family unit.


Coordinator: Vacant

The Women of Excellence and Daughters of Excellence Ministries have adopted two streets (i.e. Yadkin Road and Morganton Road) that they clean on the first Saturday of each month at 7:30 a.m.

Participation by all members is encouraged.

Wives of Empowerment

The Wives Only Fellowship offers teachings on being the best wife a woman can be.

It provides encouragement, support, and sisterhood for wives as they stand beside, support, and work with their husbands throughout this Christian journey.

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