Morning Worship Services: 8:30 & 11:00 am – New Sanctuary

Sunday School: 10:00 am – New Fellowship Hall

Male Chorus Singing Union: 4:00 pm (Fifth Sundays) – Selected church in the Fayetteville District

Church-wide Skating: 5:30 pm (Fourth Sundays) – 71st Round-a–bout Skating Center



Usher Board Meeting: 6:00 pm (Quarterly, Third Monday) – New Sanctuary

New Member’s Class: 6:30 pm (on a Monday, as scheduled by the Pastor) – New Fellowship Hall

Band Practice: 7:00 pm weekly – New Sanctuary

Musician’s Bible Study: 7:00 pm (Fourth Mondays) – New Fellowship Hall



Drama Ministry: 6:00 pm (every Tuesday) – Kingdom Plaza


Ambassadors Ministry Meeting: 6:30 pm (Fourth Tuesdays) – New Fellowship Hall

Book Club Meeting: 6:30 pm (fourth Tuesday of the month) – Conference Room A

Carolina College of Biblical Studies – “How to Study the Bible” Class:
6:30 pm (Tuesdays, Jan 10 – Mar 21) – Kingdom Plaza, front classroom

Gospel Choir Rehearsal: 6:30 pm (Tuesday before 2nd Sunday) – New Sanctuary

Mass Choir: 6:30 pm (Tuesday before 3rd Sunday) – New Sanctuary

Men’s Empowerment: 6:30 pm (Fourth Tuesday or as scheduled by Rev. M. Eubanks)
– Various locations

Steward Board Meeting: 6:30 pm (Tuesdays after 1st Sunday every other month)
– Finance Room or Old Fellowship Hall

Youth Choir Rehearsal: 6:30 pm (Tuesday before 4th Sunday) – New Sanctuary


Praise Team Rehearsal: 8:00 pm (every Tuesday, except before 1st Sunday) – New Sanctuary



Bible Study: 12:00 noon (every Wednesday) – New Fellowship Hall

Food Pantry Meeting: 2:30 pm (Third Wednesdays) – Ministry House

Lay Council Meeting: 5:45 pm (Third Wednesdays) – Conference Room B

Intercessory Prayer: 6:00 pm (every Wednesday) – New Sanctuary

Bible Study: 6:45 pm (every Wednesday) – New Fellowship Hall

Daughters of Excellence Empowerment: 6:45 pm (Third Wednesdays)



Master Life Discipleship Class: 12:00 noon & 6:30 pm (every Wednesday, Mar 9 – Sep 21) – New Fellowship Hall


Mime Ministry Rehearsal: 6:00 pm (every Thursday, except after Third Sunday) – Kingdom Plaza (rear)

Missionary Board Meeting: 6:00 pm (First Thursdays) – Old Fellowship Hall

Praise Dance Practice: 6:00 pm (every Thursday) – Kingdom Plaza (front)

Trustee Board Meeting: 6:00 pm (Thursday after Fourth Sunday) – Finance Room


Bereavement Class: 6:30 pm (Fourth Thursdays) – Ministry House

Christian Education Department: 6:30 pm (First Thursdays) – Old Fellowship Hall

Culinary Staff Meeting: 6:30 pm (Fourth Thursdays) – Old Fellowship Hall

Gospel Choir Rehearsal: 6:30 pm (Thursday before Second Sunday) – New Sanctuary

Grandparents as Parents Ministry: 6:30 (Fourth Thursday of the month) – Conference Room B

Living with Cancer Ministry: 6:30 pm (Second Thursday of the month) – Old Fellowship Hall

Marriage Ministry Meeting: 6:30 pm (Third Thursdays) – New Fellowship Hall

Mass Choir: 6:30 pm (Thursday before Third Sunday) – New Sanctuary

Youth Choir Rehearsal: 6:30 pm (Thursday before Fourth Sunday) – New Sanctuary


Praise Team Rehearsal: 8:00 pm (every Thursday, except before First Sunday) – New Sanctuary



Senior Chancel Choir Rehearsal: 5:30 pm (Friday before First Sunday) – New Fellowship Hall

Narcotics Anonymous: 6:00 pm (every Friday) – Ministry House

Women’s Empowerment: 6:30 pm (First Fridays only in Mar, Apr, Jun, Aug, Dec) – New Fellowship Hall



Men of Varick Meeting: 8:00 am (Second Saturdays) – Old Fellowship Hall

Acolyte Meeting: 10:00 am (First Saturdays) – New Sanctuary

Greeters Meeting: 10:00 am (Second Saturdays) – New Fellowship Hall

Wives Empowerment: 10:00 am (First Saturdays) – New Fellowship Hall

Deaconess Board Meeting: 10:00 am – New Sanctuary

Energizers Practice: 3:00 pm (select Saturdays) – Kingdom Plaza

Senior Chancel Choir: 3:00 pm (Saturday before First Sunday) – New Fellowship Hall

Male Chorus: 6:00 pm (Saturday before First Sunday) – New Fellowship Hall


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