Assistant Pastor

Dr. Leon B. Newton

Office Administrator

Sis. Rebeca Gentry

Office Administrator

Sis. Mary King

Office Administrator

Sis. Hellen Jones

Ministry Leaders

Band Director

Brandon Barry

Media / Marketing Director

Maliik Jefferson

Trustee Board Chair: Bro. Harrison Campbell

Class Leaders
Leader of Leaders: Rev. Ronnie VanDyke

Deaconess Board President: Sis. Grace Greene

Department of Evangelism Chair: Rev. Geneva Anderson

Quarterly Conference Secretary: Sis. Joanie Rodriguez

Ministry of Kindness Treasurer: Sis. Rebecca Gentry

Layman Council President: Sis. Queen Degraphenreid

Christian Education Department Director: Sis. Sarah Wilson

Music Department
Minister of Music: Bro. Gregory McPherson

Nursery Committee
Sis. Sarah Wilson

Kitchen Committee
Chair: Bro. David Ward , Bro. Willie Meeks, Bro. Rodney Price

Director of Ushers

Senior Usher Board
President: Bro. Charles Jenkins

Adult Usher Board
President: Sis. Barbara Williams

Junior Usher Board
Advisor: Sis. Terry Hamm, Sis. Barbara Williams

New Member Committee
Director: Sis. Rebecca Gentry
Children’s Director: Sis. Betrice Young

Church Photographers
The Photography Ministry
– Bro. Ronald Bogan

Outreach Ministries

Meals on Wheels
Wealth Empowerment
Singles / Married / Single Parent / Divorced / Widow(er) Ministries
Prison / TAN Ministry
Wives Empowerment
Women’s Empowerment
Joshua Generation
Daughters of Excellence

Good Samaritan Ministry
Department of Evangelism
Men’s Empowerment, Men of Zion
Ministry House
(Food Pantry & Clothing Closet)
The Bereavement Support Group
Deployed Spouses Ministry
G.A.P. – Grandparents As Parents
The Cancer Support Group

Marriage Ministry


Bro. Henry & Sis. Sandra Henry

The Marriage Ministry provides teachings and activities for couples to equip them to lead the best lives they can live together, with God being their center.

First Responders Ministry


Sis. Sheryl Lyons

The First Responders Ministry consists of trained trauma specialists that respond immediately to health emergencies that may arise during church services and activities.

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