“Adventures of Uncertainty, Making the Impossible Possible with God”

Bishop Kenneth Monroe

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In Adventures of Uncertain: Making the Impossible Possible with God, Bishop Kenneth Monroe endeavors to point away from himself to God, as he reveals how a life of faith and prayer can propel one to make the impossible possible with God. This is not a mere narrative of the life journey of Kenneth Monroe, but as one goes through the pages one encounters the power of God at work in the midst of our depravities and decadences, propelling us to new places of total well being and well doing if we have faith. The sermons and addresses are influential and persuasive; they reveal the depth of preparation resulting in passionate proclamation of the truth of the Christian Gospel toward transformative ends. This book is a charismatic masterpiece; it is seminal! It is simply amazing, breathtaking, captivating, educative, soul inspiring and obviously brings hope to all in the midst of life adversities. This is not just another book, but a must read for all Christians and I strongly recommend this for both the faithful and the faithless.

Rt. Rev. Hilliard K. Dela Dogbe, PhD.
Bishop, Western West Africa Episcopal District
A.M.E. Zion Church

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