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Church Announcements – October 31, 2021

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The AV ministry is looking for new members. If interested, send contact information to:

All Simon Temple millennial members (individuals ages 25-40) are encouraged to participate in a four-week millennial attendance drive. The millennial member that brings the most guests to church services will win a $100 visa gift card.

To our members that paid for a Life Member’s Stole, stoling will be at the first Mass Meeting in January 2022 • POC: Sis. Nellie Smith

Oct 31—New Members Class will be held on Zoom at 1:30pm.  POC: Sis. Rebecca Gentry – (910) 867-1182 Ext. 103

  • Part 2 – Oct 31
  • Part 1 – Nov 7

Nov 1—Happy Birthday Bishop Brian R. Thompson: To help Bishop Thompson celebrate his special day, you may Cash APP gifts of love to: $BTHOMPSON68

Nov 2—North Carolina Municipal Local Elections • for more information visit

Nov 3—Cumberland Community Foundation will award over $500,000 in memory of Mr. Robert H. Short to local high school seniors with a GPA of 3.5 or higher and proven financial need. You must complete FAFSA at then complete an application at The deadline to apply for this Scholars Program is December 3, 2021. Email questions to Susan Barnes at Susan@CumberlandCF.Org

Nov 5-6—The 142nd Session of the Central North Carolina Conference will be held at 10am. Zoom-Meeting ID: 884 1324 7068 Passcode: 194892 Dial-in (301)-715-8592

Nov 9—Membership Check-in 6p Zoom Dial-in (646) 558-8656 Meeting ID: 962 0963 6203 Passcode: 516752 • Ministers’ meeting 7:15 pm Zoom Dial-in (301) 715-8592 Meeting ID: 940 5916 7974 Passcode: 726460


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