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Church Announcements – October 08, 2023

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October 8th: Pre Pastoral Appreciation honoring Dr. Keith and Lady Kerri Tillett

8:30am: Elder Joseph C. Brown,
Presiding Elder of the Fayetteville District of Zion

11:00am: Bishop Brian R. Thompson,
Presiding Prelate Western Episcopal District AME Zion

    • Praise and Worship: Simon Temple Praise Team
    • Call to Worship
    • Hymn: “Holding to God’s Unchanging Hand”
    • Pastoral Prayer
    • Affirmation of Faith
    • Introduction of Offering
    • Liturgical Ministry: Mime Ministry
    • Offertory: “All Things Come of Thee, O Lord”
    • Video Announcements
    • Pastoral Reflections
    • Pre-Message Selection: “Simon Temple Mass Choir”
    • The Message:
      • 8:30am – Elder Dr. Joseph C. Brown
      • 11:00am – Bishop Brian R. Thompson, Sr.
    • Invitation to Christian Discipleship
    • Benediction

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