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Church Announcements – March 14

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Mar 14— New Members Class for children ages 6 to 12 will be held via Zoom at 1:30 pm. Classes will be offered every 2nd Sunday. Parents please stop by the Simon Temple church office to pick up class materials or request that the information be emailed to you. POC: Sis. Gentry – (910) 867-1182 • Ext 103


Mar 15—The Simon Temple Greeters will meet on Zoom at 6:00 pm. Meeting ID: 845 6580 4219 • Passcode: 430377. This ministry is actively recruiting those who would like to serve in this capacity. POC: Sis. Ann Alston – (910) 689-8389


Mar 16—Men don’t miss “Chop It Up with Pastor” at 6:30 pm on Zoom. Use Meeting ID: 931 3906 6422 and Passcode: 163833 or dial in via (301) 715-8592. For all men and for men only!


Mar 18—The Class Leaders will meet on Zoom at 7:00 pm. All class leaders are expected to be present in this online meeting. Log in using the following info: Meeting ID: 864 0264 3003 • Password: classes • Dial-in number: (301) 715-8592 • Meeting ID: 864 0264 3003 • Password: 4543131 • POC: Bro. Ronnie Vandyke at (910) 578-9711


Mar 20—Reminder Wives! Join First Lady every Saturday morning for Wives Only Empowerment on Zoom at 10:00 am. You don’t want to miss it! Use Meeting ID: 505 833 2705 • No passcode necessary for this meeting


Mar 21—New Members Classes for adults are now held on the 1st, 3rd and 4th

Sundays via Zoom at 1:30 pm. Members who have not taken your classes, please do so on the following dates. Contact the church office to receive the class materials via email. Part 1 – March 7 • Part 2 – March 21 • Part 3 – March 28 • POC: Sis. Rebecca Gentry – (910) 867-1182


Mar 23—Pre-quarter reports from all ministers, ministry leaders, and class leaders are due in the church office. Please complete and turn in one copy of your report prior to 6:30 pm. Class Leaders you may pick up your class members lists after 10:00 am on March 16.


Mar 23—The Simon Temple Singles Ministry will meet online at 6:30pm. All single Simon Temple members are invited to join the meeting via Zoom using the following credentials – Meeting ID: 869 0358 5989 • Password: 168956 • POC: Sis. La’tiki Gray


Apr 6—The 2nd Quarterly Conference for the 2020-2021 conference year will be held by conference call at 6:30 pm. All trustees, ministers, stewards, class leaders, deaconesses & heads of all boards and clubs are expected to be in attendance. If you are unable to attend, please inform your ministry leader so you can be accounted for. The dial-in number is: (712) 451-0000 and the access code is: 458607


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