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Alexis Lowery

Alexis Lowery

“My submission for Youth of the Week is Miss Alexis Lowery.

“Young Alexis appears to be a gentle quiet young lady. However, this 8th grader is anything but quiet.

“Alexis is a Christian who is committed to her walk and relationship with Christ and takes it very seriously. This is evident in her service with the Acolyte Ministry and her graceful and heart-touching performances with the Simon Temple Praise Dancers. Through both ministries, Alexis had learned the importance of Leadership, Discipleship, and Service.

“Alexis is a straight “A” student at Westover Middle School. Along with her academics excellence, Alexis is on the track team and maintains not only her own physical fitness but also stays spiritually fit.  Overall, Alexis is a precious young lady who is always willing to lend a hand. Miss. Alexis is already a trailblazer and we expect great things from her. Therefore, with these achievements I recommend Miss Alexis Lowery.”

– Rev. Adriane Newton


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